09 Aug
Battle of the better stay; HOTELS vs SERVICED APARTMENTS

Accommodation is often one of the most considered and expensive parts of any city break and if not chosen properly, it can become a barrier between you and your trip. Also, finding a stay in cities like London, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Manhattan, Singapore or Hong Kong can be a difficult task.

Well, this difficult task can be the easiest one! Gone are the days when a hotel was the only option for your stay. Now, whether you are a corporate/business traveler, heading for a family trip or moving for a relocation, you can choose to stay in a serviced apartment instead of a 4*4 hotel room. But you must be thinking that why serviced apartments? Lets read further to find out.

What’s the difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel room?

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment that is capable to serve you as a home. This means, unlike with a hotel room, you get the option to cook in your personalized kitchen now and then, saving money on eating out all the time. Also, you get a daily room cleaning, this makes you feel like you’re on a holiday! Well, that’s a good sign.

Space and cost in a Serviced Apartment vs Hotel Room

The pros don’t stop here! With serviced apartments, you get to enjoy affordable stays as they offer much better value than a hotel of the same standard. The apartments are usually 30% bigger than hotel rooms. So at the end of the day, you’re getting a lot more space for your money. Plus, they are often located in the prime locations of a city and in residential areas, which means you’ll get that “Local” feel throughout your stay.

Enjoy extended stays in a Serviced Apartment

Hotels come with an exception and that of extended-stays, they are only meant for shorter stays maybe 2 to 4 days. It is difficult to spend more than 4 days in a hotel room and that too without a kitchen, laundry facilities, adequate space, in short without the comfort and necessities of a home.

Amenities in a Serviced Apartment vs Hotel Room

The amenities provided by a serviced apartment are greater than a hotel. A hotel may lack a proper room service, a mini-bar, on-site restaurant, spa or continental breakfast. Depending upon the service provider, a serviced apartment may come with amenities like fitness center, pool, spa, 24-hour customer support, concierge, lobby, laundry facility and many of them are pet-friendly too! You also get a WiFi service, while many hotels may charge extra for this.

Location of a Serviced Apartment vs Hotel Room

Hotels are mostly situated in convenient and centralized areas like nearby major attractions or airports, while serviced apartments offer you to stay in the local neighborhoods or nearly any residential area within a city. You can easily find them anywhere in the world. This makes them highly acceptable in terms of longer stays because you get easy access to schools, playgrounds, shopping malls, local markets, hospitals and most importantly public transport.

What will you choose?

There’s certainly a clear line between the travelers who just want to stay for 2 to 3 days as they’ll not need an apartment set-up. But for those who are traveling for their business or some corporate work, or moving as a group or family or even holidaying, a serviced apartment can offer fantastic services over great value. If you get to save money in larger accommodation where you can cook your meals, can enjoy privacy, then why not go for a serviced apartment?