09 Oct
Best Places to live just like a local in Singapore

Best Places to live just like a local in Singapore


Singapore is a very small country and has the best places to live for ex-pats. Whether you’re just traveling here to explore, or you’re needing to move homes in Singapore because of work, business or school, Singapore has some of the most popular neighborhoods that make you feel exactly like a home away from home!


Getting to one place to another is very easy in Singapore because it will only take you about 45 minutes at most to get there. With a strong public transportation system connecting them all, it is hard to go wrong when choosing a home place. Each neighborhood in Singapore has its personality, different location, and a unique environment. Here are some of the top places for you to live:



Woodlands is located at the far north of the island with reasonably priced family houses and proximity to the Singapore American School. This place offers you more and more green spaces, large houses and of course some American neighbors because of its home to a large community of American ex-pats.


Woodlands is home to beautiful shopping malls, amazing restaurants, cinemas, bars, and pubs. It provides you a perfect leafy, suburban feel. This place is great for those who want to stay away from the city rush.


Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru in Singapore offers more of retro charm. The planning of the city streets is designed in an interlocking horseshoe shape, enclosing a community center. This place is a nice escape from the skyscrapers of downtown and gives a nice quiet feel.


For over a decade, Tiong Bahru has been home to tremendous artsy shops and hip cafes restaurants which can be a perfect location for an ideal lazy Sunday. You can also wander around Tiong Bahru wet markets and pick up some fresh meat and veggies for a delicious dinner.










Sentosa is perfect for those who are coming to Singapore for relocation. Santosa is also known as resort-island because it boasts homes right on the water and even in some landed houses. If breezy and a quiet place adores you, the Sentosa island might be the right fit for you.


Although Sentosa is a little expensive as compared to other neighborhoods, it offers a real neighborhood feel including access to shopping malls, local markets, grocery shops, parks, and a golf course.


Holland Village

Holland Village is one of the popular areas for ex-pacts because of its central location and proximity to the downtown and Orchard areas as well as the open space of the Singapore Botanic Gardens and MacRitchie Reservoir. This place holds a very electric feel with a variety of local shops, restaurants, and bars. Also, Holland Village Shopping Centre is known as the place to go to find hidden gems.


Holland Village has a reach to some very good schools and a wide range of housing options including bungalows, luxury apartments and landed houses - this way you can choose the right accommodation according to your lifestyle.


Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar is home to a classically beautiful shop house that gives the city a sense of picturesque charm. Located just outside the central business district, the neighborhood is also home to bankers ad agency suits. Also, Tanjong Pagar is a food lover’s paradise, you’ll find loads of wonderful eating and drinking enclaves at the ever-popular areas around Duxton Hill and Tras Street.




Geylang is a more local area and even authentically Chinese than Chinatown. Hawker centers and street stalls are far more common than a fancy cocktail bar in this part of the city. Geylang nicely balances between being a bit more budget-friendly and offers more restaurants downtown.


There are neighborhoods too that are traditionally known as a home base for families like East Coast, Little India, Orchard Road, River Valley and more. Singapore is a very relaxed country but somewhat fast-paced. If you are moving there for more than 7 days or maybe for a month, then you must consider staying in a serviced apartment rather than going for a 4 by 4 hotel room.


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