15, Apr 2020
Why one should opt for serviced apartments for an extended stay?

Serviced apartments are a savior as they are a blend of luxurious hotel amenities and comforts of a home. There comes the day when business and corporate travelers find themselves stationed in a new city for months at a time. During these long stays, it’s important to feel comfortable, just like a second home! As we all know that nobody can travel now due to COVID -19, not even in their city. But, if you’ve some plans after the lockdown is over, then you should consider a serviced apartment for your safety. Serviced apartments are well organized, clean, sanitized and offer better facilities. In comparison to a hotel, apartments can provide the same facilities like fitness centers, conference rooms, WiFi, concierge, 24-hour security and room services but in a budget-friendly manner.

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06, Apr 2020
Making best out of Quarantine

Well, it’s not the best that we all are going through, but we can make it one! As all the organizations begin to practice social distancing, even many businesses have asked their employees to work from the home in-short whole world is lockdown due to pandemic COVID-19. We know, most of you must be wondering what to do just sitting at home? We know, for many, self-isolation can be a disorienting experience, especially for those who are used to spending 80% of their time outside of the house! But, don’t worry! Look at the positive side and do things that interest you or you like the most, because, at this time we need to channelize our energy into something productive. Luckily we’ve put together a list of amazing things you can do to keep yourself and others entertained and occupied. 

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23, Mar 2020
How to stay Happy, Healthy and Productive while working from a Serviced Apartment during Quarantine

Well, working from home (serviced apartment) has its comforts like peace, quietness, no other mentors around, comfortable clothes and home-cooked meals, this all sounds so good! But, every situation comes with challenges and in this one, you’ll likely face isolation, loneliness, lack of routine and work-life balance. If you find yourself facing such situations due to the COVID-19 outbreak, then you must be concerned about how to curb them, especially when the government is also recommending “social distancing”.

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09, Oct 2019
Best Places to live just like a local in Singapore

Singapore is a very small country and has the best places to live for ex-pats. Whether you’re just traveling here to explore, or you’re needing to move homes in Singapore because of work, business or school, Singapore has some of the most popular neighborhoods that make you feel exactly like a home away from home! Getting to one place to another is very easy in Singapore because it will only take you about 45 minutes at most to get there. With a strong public transportation system connecting them all, it is hard to go wrong when choosing a home place. Each neighborhood in Singapore has its personality, different location, and a unique environment. Here are some of the top places for you to live:

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02, Sep 2019
Exiting places to visit in London; a dream city!

Visiting London could be a most lovable experience in whole, provided when you know where to eat, sleep, drink, stay and explore. Well, London is a beautiful city famous for its culture, Royal traditions, buildings, architecture, museums, galleries, and green villages.

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09, Aug 2019
Battle of the better stay; HOTELS vs SERVICED APARTMENTS

There’s certainly a clear line between the travelers who just want to stay for 2 to 3 days as they’ll not need an apartment set-up. But for those who are traveling for their business or some corporate work, or moving as a group or family or even holidaying, a serviced apartment can offer fantastic services over great value.

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05, Jul 2019
London; what you need to know before go

Transport in London is very efficient. One of the best ways to get around in London is the metro, which they call the London tube.

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