02 Sep
Exiting places to visit in London; a dream city!

Exiting places to visit in London; a dream city!

Visiting London could be a most lovable experience in whole, provided when you know where to eat, sleep, drink, stay and explore. Well, London is a beautiful city famous for its culture, Royal traditions, buildings, architecture, museums, galleries, and green villages.

If you are planning to stay in London whether for a business trip or a family vacation, don’t forget to check off your bucket list with these amazing places.

Big Ben and the House of Parliament

The house of parliament and its magnificent clock tower (popularly nicknamed as “Big Ben”) are the iconic landmarks representing London’s culture for years. The House of Parliament is also known as the Palace of Westminster, earlier built as a royal palace and residence during the reign Henry VIII. Big Ben named as the Elizabeth Tower that is now the second-largest four-faced chiming clock in the world. Damn! You must visit this.

Royal Parks

The Royal Parks are the real gems of London, they are all-time attractions. From the magnificent St. James Park to the exciting boat trip in Victoria Park, and the rose garden in Regent’s Park, there is no lack of green beauty in these stunning places. In the warm weather, you can chill in Green Park and Richmond Park. There is nothing more attractive than views in Greenwich Park regardless of the temperature. If you are a nature lover then, this will be an actual treat for you!

Buckingham Palace

The centerpiece of the United Kingdom “Buckingham Palace” is the iconic constitutional monarchy serving as an official residence to Her Majesty ‘The Queen’. It hosts everything from the changing the Guard ceremony to the annual summer opening, at this time visitors are allowed to tour the interior. You will be able to walk through an array of rooms that are a proper display of British Royal history. Trust me, when you walk in, you’ll feel like a real queen or a king!

There are more to this list such as The British Museum, London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the famous Tower Bridge, The Millennium Bridge, Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery and more. You can experience the beauty and history of all these amazing places while you visit London. Now, the question is where to stay?

The city has awesome places to live — South Kensington, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Canary Wharf (if you are a business traveler then this place is for you), Greenwich, Hackney and the list is endless. With short stay apartments in various key locations, you can feel, travel, eat, drink and shop like a local. Treaten Apartments in London is an independent agency sourcing apartments according to your specific preferences like location, budget and type of place with high customer services.


You can easily get a serviced apartment in the location of your choice where you would get homely comforts with hotels like standards with fully equipped modern kitchen, extra space, comfortable beds and white crisp linens. All these are offered so that you can live comfortably and enjoy the sightseeing and nearby attractions just like a local!