23 Mar
How to stay Happy, Healthy and Productive while working from a Serviced Apartment during Quarantine

How to stay Happy, Healthy and Productive while working from a Serviced Apartment during Quarantine

Well, working from home (serviced apartment) has its comforts like peace, quietness, no other mentors around, comfortable clothes and home-cooked meals, this all sounds so good! But, every situation comes with challenges and in this one, you’ll likely face isolation, loneliness, lack of routine and work-life balance. If you find yourself facing such situations due to the COVID-19 outbreak, then you must be concerned about how to curb them, especially when the government is also recommending “social distancing”.

However, people living in serviced apartments may be in another city or even a country must be facing a dilemma. Being away from family members, relatives at this time when the whole world is lockdown gives another level of anxiety. But, don’t worry! We have clubbed some of the best tips on how to stick to your daily work routine while combating the stress levels and maintaining sanity.

Tip 1- Maintain a morning routine

Yeah! It is tempting to stay in bed till 11, but you need to keep up with your normal morning routine. It should include setting an alarm, taking a shower and changing your pajamas into daytime (but comfortable) clothes, making coffee along with a healthy breakfast, you might include a workout routine also - do things as if you were going into the office. This will help you to get a more deliberate start, signal to yourself that it’s time to be productive.

Tip 2 - Protect your Mental Health

As if a lethal pandemic was not enough to set off anxiety and depression, according to research remote workers are more likely to experience high-stress levels than office workers. Maybe this is due to misinterpreted emails, work interference in family life and remote workers often clock more hours. After switching off your laptop at the end of the day, make sure you do pleasurable activities for mood elevation like a workout, watch web series on Netflix, listening to podcasts or creative or intellectual pursuits.

Tip 3 - Sit near a window while working

Psychology says that humans are more comfortable sat with backs to the wall and a view of the door or window. We prefer these sittings because these factors contribute to our survival by being the safest places we could be. A beautiful view or even a scenery on your wall can help combat anxiety and stress levels. If you find a room with more light and a big window in your serviced apartment then try to sit there and work, because it can reduce blood pressure and helps to focus.

Well, there are more points to this list like you can indulge in learning a whole new language, or do an online meeting or conference call to your family and friends, keep hydrating yourself, stick to a schedule and add some background noise for a feel. Work is likely to slow down during quarantine, but think it as an opportunity because you might never get this kind of window to learn something new again, use it well! Stay at home and stay healthy!