05 Jul
London; what you need to know before go

London; what you need to know before go 

What comes to mind, when somebody says “London”? Well, my mind gets all the fancies of endless attractions, great shopping places, amazing restaurants and pubs, red telephone booths and hustle-bustle of the city showcasing royal traditions. There’s no right or wrong time to visit London, but there are few factors that one should consider if he/she is travelling to London for the first time. Here is the list

What to pack - Weather in London

So, you are coming to London. You have your visa and passport ready, your flights are booked, you sorted the place where you are staying and you’re excited to touch down and start exploring the UK capital. But, you have to pack first. 


Whether you are packing a suitcase or a shoulder bag, no matter what time of the year you travel I advise to pick up the dresses in layers. London’s weather is very unpredictable, but you’ll always feel a little cold throughout the year. Therefore you must pack all the essentials according to the weather. And, don’t forget to carry a scarf, which is cool by the way! 

Where to Stay 

There is no definite place to stay in London, you can choose to stay anywhere because the city is huge and the attractions are spread out across it. But, if you’re visiting London for the first time, then you can easily opt to stay in Central London. By staying here, you can see much more in less time. 


Well, you can also plan your visit to the nearby neighbourhoods like Westminster, Soho, Covent Garden, Bankside and south bank. These places are good to go if you are travelling with kids. You can check out more sophisticated places-South Kensington, Bloomsberry, Mayfair, King’s Cross, Notting Hill, Chelsa and London Bridge. 


Transport in London is very efficient. One of the best ways to get around in London is the metro, which they call the London tube. With the use of this transport, one can easily visit all the boroughs of London. However, for shorter distances, it is recommended to take one of the city buses. The original red double-decker buses will give you an ultimate London experience and you should try it once. 


Also, if you want to enjoy cheaper rides, then buy an oyster card. It’s a sort of electronic ticket that can be used for all public transport in Greater London and is much economical than buying single tickets every time. 

Visit London’s free attractions 

We know that visiting London is not at all cheap but at least we can enjoy some free attractions in the town. There are few London Museums that can be visited free of charge- National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, British Museum, Museum of London and many more. 


Not only this, but you can also witness the beauty of gardens, parks and playgrounds that are neat and full of greenery like Hyde park, summer gardens and secret gardens. Don’t miss to visit the London shops, of course, that’s free and can be an attraction in itself. Don’t forget Harrods and OxfordStreet! Kids love Hamleys, m&m’s store and the Lego store. 

Save time and money on London’s major attractions 

If you want to make your London trip memorable, consider buying priority pass to visit the most popular attractions. Yes, of course, they are expensive but they’re worth it. The London pass includes free (you bought a pass) entrance to the places like the Tower of London, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, The view from the Shard or London Zoo and experiences like Thames River cruise and other major attractions. 


If you are planning to visit a lot of major attractions in a short period, then the London pass will benefit you. Plan well and make sure you get the most of your pass until its validity period. 


So, these were the few important practical guides you should know when you are travelling to London for the first time. Well, there are more things to tell like famous restaurants to dine in, London’s nightlife, best shopping centers etc... Stay tuned to know all this.